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Welcome to SeanMusicTV! We are here to send your sounds to the masses. We represent under-the-radar musical magicians, and we want your music.

SeanMusicTV Internet Radio. We play and promote some of the best music from the underground and the internet. We primarily play and promote unsigned music. music from indie and underground labels. This is a global show, featuring music from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Hungary, Serbia, Germany, Australia and many many more.

We have a vast array of genres, House, Glitch, Bass Music, Dub Step, Hip Hop, Rap, DnB, Techno, Dance, Trance…… this list goes on.

We broadcast live via uStream and also record the shows. Check out the Listen page of the website for the live show and also the recorded uStream shows. Only the most recent are kept there. All others, every show since day one in fact are available as an MP3 download. Download and take it with you or stream from your mobile (watch the data charges though!)

We have frequent interviews with artists via mobile and Skype. Great to have a chat and see what's going on. We have artists in the studio, performing live, talking about their new tracks. We have live DJ sets from the studio too, bringing you some of the best mixing skills around.

Come on and get involved, do you like listening to amazing, brand new music? Do you make your own music? Are you a rapper? Do you DJ? Are you looking for rappers for your beats or looking for some hot new beats? We have it all here. Get in touch and listen in.

Checkout the Facebook page here Follow SeanMusicTV Twitter here Email Phone 07999858455